Putting the Put in Puttering

I was distractible today. Set aside work and just kinda bounced around the house.

Music was a constant. Even watched a crap movie. I was really digging noise today.

Mindlessly wasted time on Twitter. Tweeted. Or twitted, whatever. Facebook. Ya, it was in there no doubt.

So there you go. My brain in distraction mode.

Now I like to believe that when it comes to decision making, it is I that is in charge. But today was about avoidance and escape. So it puts into question, was it me or my habits? Meaning, was it my conscious intent or was my subconscious programming making my choices?

When we let our habits call the shots we create realities not in sync with who we truly are. And then we feel like hell.

Fortunately for me, tomorrow is a new day.