Happy Year of the Snake Special

The Year of the Snake is almost here and in celebration QiBelly is pumping it up. Discounted pricing, new workshops, more classes and a new Thursday evening time-slot.

There’s a lot going on, so pay attention!

#1 – Discounted pricing – This week only!!

For all my groups classes I would like to offer you a tremendous discount on my 10 class pass*. (*Must be purchased by February 1st)

10 classes for only $130!! 

That’s a $30 savings which works out to only $13 per class…. a grand discount from the standard drop-in rate of $22.

As well, you can reserve your spot for my upcoming meditation workshop on February 23rd (details below) for only $35. After February 1st, the price goes up to $50.

Email me with the subject line ‘SnakeSale’ by February 1st to cash in on these offers!! **Prices do not include HST** 

Click here to book your discount now.

#2 – The QiBelly Project

I am designing a new series of workshops designed to make the calm, centered state of mind more accessible to YOU!!

Simple instructional workshops that do not require lots of time or money.

The QiBelly Project aims at giving busy people what they need in a short period of time. More bread and butter material for those that don’t have 10 years to wait for results. Not all of us have the time or desire to go live on a mountain and train with a hermit. Most people just want to create balance and a sense of enjoyment in their lives. The QiBelly Project understands this and is offering a more meat and potatoes approach.

The aim of the QiBelly Project is to give you what you need NOW.

The first workshop in this series is:

Meditation 101: Meditation for people who want to meditate but, “don’t have time to meditate”.

Saturday February 23rd from 3-5pm. Pricing is $50 + HST.

Early bird rate of $35 + HST – This week only!! 

In this course we will cover:

– basic breathing techniques to help relax the mind

– simple postural alignment to increase overall circulation

– gentle meditative movement to ground and create balance

This workshop will teach fundamentals that you can benefit from immediately. Basic tools you can use to create the calm you crave.

This workshop may be a fit for you if:

– You are consistently feeling overwhelmed with scheduling and tasks.

– Feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself.

– Are beginning to come to the realization that your old ways of blowing off steam just aren’t working for you anymore.

– Looking for balance but always feel like the concept is external to you.  

Click here to reserve your spot at this workshop for the Early Bird Rate of $35.

**Spacing is limited so be sure to act quick.

#3 – QiBelly Kung Fu – A fresh new way to get fit!!

Based on classical Kung Fu, QiBelly Kung Fu is a fresh, new way of getting fit that will seriously bust your ass. Bring an extra t-shirt because the one you will be wearing in my class will be soaked through by the time I finish with you.

That’s right.

I am gonna challenge your definition of fitness. Think your strong? Think your fit? I have had professional athletes, dancers, etc. walk out of my class and have trouble walking down the stairs because their legs were shaking so much.

Fitness that not only gives you a great workout, but leaves you with a feeling of calm that you can carry back into your day.

Classical Kung Fu from Beijing tailored for Torontonians.

* New Thursday evening classes starting February 7th from 6:30 – 7:30 and the currently running Saturday class from 1:00- 2:00.

Return an email to me within the week that has ‘Snake Sale’ in the subject line and you can purchase a 10 class pass for only $130.

Snake Sale Discount

#4 – A New Thursday evening time-slot

As of February 7th, I will be expanding my hours at Parkdale Prana Room to cover Thursday evenings as well as Thursday mornings. As I stated above, I will be offering an evening Kung Fu class at 6:30pm on Thursday evenings starting February 7th. During my afternoon hours I will be offering more private coursework and one on one personal training.

For a more detailed look, here is a my Class Schedule.

#5 – My Blogposts

Here are a couple of write-ups from the last few weeks:

Putting the Put in Puttering

O.Q. – Original Qi 

Thank you.

Happy Year of the Snake to you all!!

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