O.Q. – Original Qi

Yuan Qi – The Original Qi

Original Qi is a type of undifferentiated energy. Like a human stem cell, not yet specialized, it can naturally evolve into whatever fixed and specialized form is needed.

From a philosophical point of view, Yuan Qi constitutes the undifferentiated material of Wu Ji (No Extremes). When Wu Ji finally separates, it initiates the principle of opposites and creates Tai Ji (Polar Extremes). Yin and Yang are the two extremes created.

There are two aspects to this original Qi, the macrocosmic and microcosmic. The macrocosmic relates to the original material of all things in nature. It is the building blocks of the universe, and condenses into mountains, trees, plants, rivers etc.

The microcosmic element relates to the originating constitutional essence of the human being. It eventually becomes all forms of specialized Qi in the body. It evolves into all material structures and physiological functions of the body. The vessel that houses Yuan Qi in the body is the Zhong Mai (Central Meridian).

Since the Yuan Qi in the human body is the same fundamental substance as the Yuan Qi in nature, it is possible through the practice of QiGong  for humans to supplement and enhance their own Yuan Qi with the Yuan Qi in nature. This also helps create a natural harmony between the human being and the environment around them.

~written by QiBelly Associate Jesse Lown