Maintaining Our Rhythms

*Month 2 Day 1*
Starting this month, QiBelly is announcing new classes for the people.

The FroZen Fitness class in High Park (Thursday mornings from 10-11am) is now also being offered on Saturdays from 11am-12pm. This particular strength training program is made up of Zen, QiGong and Tai Chi exercises from ancient China that develop structural balance and have a strong centering effect on the mind. Now is your chance to step out into the cold and experience February in the park. Might wanna bring a jacket!!

Starting February 24th, Parkdale Prana Room will be offering my Tai Chi Classes on Thursdays from 4:45-5:45pm. Space will be limited so in order to confirm your spot, please register by February 21st. We are going to start off running this class based on a 4 week curriculum. Students will be taught Chan Si Gong – the mechanical fundamentals of Chen style Tai Chi.

Now that winter is in full effect it is important that we maintain some consistency within our lifestyle. From eating and sleeping to exercise and lounging around, our rhythms are what will keep us steady. February can be a tough month, but a little bit of regularity can go a long way.

Join QiBelly in the park or at an indoor location near you.