Meditation in the Workplace

What if work was your meditation?

Seated at your workstation, just you and your assignment. Your assignment is one-pointed. Your assignment is to isolate your moment. One task at a time. No need for complexity.

Learn how to create a habit that keeps you present, centered and more efficient. Maintaining awareness on just one thing at a time, we discover how to take meditation off the cushion and into the workplace. The idea is to make it your habit.

Focused, task-oriented work ethics promote well-being. People who are successful in the workplace have an enthusiastic sense about what they do. They are vibrant, excitable and have a child-like interest in new concepts.

Isolating a practice like meditation is useful. Free of distractions we can train the brain to focus on just one thing. Creating balance, it can be the Yin to an excessively Yang way of thinking.

But what if you could use this skill as a more preventative technique rather than a remedy? What if it was your go to? Instead of having to meditate before work, or after work, let work become your meditation.

Discover how to take Zen off the cushion and into the workplace.