Meditation Workshop Series: QiBelly Fundamentals


I am offering a series of 4 workshops on the fundamentals of meditation: how to meditate, why we meditate, and what it means for us in May 2020. 

Meant for both young and old, novice or seasoned meditators, these fundamentals provide a tool kit in a time of uncertainty. Simple and easily digestible, these concepts pack a punch and continue to have a very powerful impact on my life. 

Join me for a 4 part workshop series highlighting key aspects of a meditation practice. All participants will be welcome to take part in 4 separate 1.5 hours sessions as well as have free access to 8 guided meditations (Happy Hour) within the month. And last but not least, each participant will receive a personal 15 minute phone call with me to go over any personal questions regarding the practice. All classes will be run online via Zoom. 

*For participants from different time zones who are unable to make class times, I will be recording each session and putting it on my YouTube channel for course participants during the four week period. 

Here is the schedule breakdown:

All 4 classes run from 9-10:30am starting May 23rd. 

5/23 – Posture and Breathing

5/30 – Why We Meditate

6/6 – Rhythms and Consistency (literal and figurative)

6/13 – Goals and Trajectory 

$150 + HST payable via EMT to [email protected] or 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Thank you