Video Project: Take your Meditation to the Streets (Part 1)

The QiBelly Project is proud to present a new line of videos (more to come, stay tuned) that break the mold of delivery and give you something you can bite into.


Take your Meditation to the Streets (Part 1)

Much of what we see today, in terms of meditation, is sold in isolated/categorized scenarios that leave practitioners victim to the same unhealthy habits outside of the physical space they reinforce their practice. The idea behind these videos is to show how a state of mind can be reinforced regardless of environment. QiGong, Tai Chi, Reiki, the goal is the same. This is how we take meditation to the streets.

My enthusiasm for The QiBelly Project stems from its revolutionary approach. Cookie cutter techniques have plagued this industry and turned away many who were truly in need of something real. Help me help you, the people, by sharing this video with anyone you feel could benefit from it. Facebook, Twitter, the blog world…spread the word!!

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